What to Expect

Initial Paperwork:

Upon scheduling an appointment you will be mailed a developmental/medical history form to complete regarding your child.  You will also be mailed two rating scales (one for the primary caregiver(s) and one for your child's teacher) to provide Dr. Mueller with feedback regarding your child's social, emotional, and behavioral functioning across settings.



Prior to initiating neuropsychological testing, Dr. Mueller will complete a clinical interview with your, the primary caregiver, to review your child's medical, developmental, social, and emotional histories and to review your presenting concerns.  This process requires approximately one hour of your time.   During this time, please have a responsible adult available to watch your child/children if possible to allow us privacy.


Neuropsychological Testing:

Dr. Mueller will then work directly with your child to complete the neuropsychogical test battery.  Domains assessed will include:  general intellectual ability, academic achievement (reading, writing, and math skills), learning and memory, visual-motor skills, auditory processing skills, attentional functioning, executive functions (planning, cognitive flexibility, inhibition), and social, emotional, and behavioral functioning. 


During this time, Dr. Mueller will also be interviewing your child and taking careful clinical observation of their behavior.   Your child will be offered short breaks as needed. 

Please note--for children over the age of 4 years neuropsychological testing is completed one-on-one with the child without parents present  unless there are extenuating circumstances.  This is important because the tests being administered  have been standardized utilizing a one-on-one administration format.


The neuropsychologist analyzes and integrates all of the information. Your child’s performance is compared to other children of the same age and grade, and is contrasted with your child’s abilities in other areas. Parents join the neuropsychologist for a feedback meeting to discuss the results.



Dr. Mueller will require approximately 30-45 minutes to score the neuropsychological testing once completed.  She will then be prepared to provide you with feedback regarding your child's unique neurocognitive strengths and areas of need and their learning style.  She will also explain in detail her diagnostic impression and share recommendations for intervention.  Intervention recommendations may include:  resources for parents including books, websites, support groups, etc. , review of available parent-implemented intervention options, specific instructional recommendations for school personnel based upon the child's individual pattern of strengths and needs, referrals to other professionals ( e.g. speech/language therapist, pediatrician, child psychiatrist, or other provider) depending on the child's individual needs.

*Please note-Feedback sessions can alternatively be scheduled on a separate date.


The Neuropsychological Report:

In approximately one to two weeks you will receive your child's neuropsychological report by mail.  The report will include your child's history, detailed explanation of the tests administered, test data, interpretation of test data, diagnostic impression and a comprehensive summary of treatment recommendations.   In addition, you will be given a list of helpful resources (e.g., books, articles, and websites) specific to your child’s developmental profile. Additional reports may be mailed to your child's physician and your child's school at your request and with your written permission.  Direct phone consultation with your child's school and/or outside providers is offered free of charge at your request and with written permission.